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iPhone users to lose Jetpac app as team is acquired by Google

Jetpac, a San Francisco-based app that analyzes public Instagram photos to provide recommendations for travellers, has announced that it has been acquired by Google.

The news was revealed via a notice on the Jetpac website that said all of the company’s iOS apps would be pulled in the coming days. Jetpac will be stopping support completely on September 15. Jetpac City Guides covers more than 6,000 cities and the company also has an iOS app called Spotter for object recognition. It’s other app, Deep Belief, allows users to teach their phones to recognize any object.

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Though details of the acquisition are pretty scarce, the fact that these apps are being pulled from the App Store suggests Google has bigger plans for the Jetpac technology and team than the apps themselves. CNet writes that the Jetpac team will be joining Google’s Knowledge team, which is responsible for Google’s Knowledge Graph. Presumably, the Jetpac team will be helping to improve Google’s