OnePlus One gets much-needed software update to (mostly) fix nagging bugs

OnePlus One smartphone

We listed the recently released OnePlus One as one of 2014’s best smartphones, but the device is not without its flaws. One nagging grievance has been the device’s nearly-broken multitouch support, which has caused a huge swath of issues around tap typing, pinch-to-zoom, and phone unlocking.

The OnePlus One has received a small OTA software update, which should fix some, but unfortunately not all, of the device’s touchscreen issues – those looking for a complete fix will have to wait for a future update. There is a severe grounding issue that affects how the phone responds to multiple touches close together. The fix requires a new driver issued by OnePlus itself, and cannot be improved with a simple over-the-air update by CyanogenMOD, the device’s software layer.

The update, however, does come with a few other useful fixes, including security and battery life improvements. The last OTA update, which we reported on, improved many things in addition to updating the phone to Android 4.4.4, but in doing so caused wakelock problems which negative affected battery life. As you can say, the OnePlus One (which we’re currently reviewing) is a work in progress.

Those looking to download the update right away can do so at the source link below. Those looking for an invite to purchase the OnePlus One can participate in a new, non-sexist, contest here.

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