Intel teases new Basis fitness band ahead of IDF keynote

Intel’s IDF conference might not be the headline event this week, but the company is eager to churn up some excitement for its keynote tomorrow, which will be hosted by CEO Brian Krzanich.

The agenda for tomorrow’s keynote isn’t publicly available but Intel this morning sent out a teaser offering a “first hint” of what’s to come from Basis Science, the smartband manufacturer and fitness tracking company it purchased in March of this year. The message included the image above, which doesn’t tell us very much, just that the company is adding some colour to the previously monochrome fitness tracker and changing up the form factor a little bit.

Based on the wording of the accompanying email, it sounds like we won’t get a lot of information about the new Basis tomorrow, either. The company promises phone briefings with full details “in the coming weeks.”

The current generation Basis is a $150 fitness tracker that tracks activities like walking, running, and biking, as well as sleep and heart rate. We’re assuming Krzanich will either be wearing the new Basis on stage or will bring it out for a quick show-and-tell before moving on to something else. Regardless of what the company is willing to divulge tomorrow, a wearable from Intel will likely not be the most talked about wearable by lunchtime.