Apple publishes guide for Android users switching to iOS

One of the biggest deterrents for switching from one platform to another is the process itself. Once you’ve established yourself and your information in one ecosystem, the prospect of moving all of of it to a competing platform that is incompatible with many of your favourite apps is pretty daunting.

For the Apples and Googles of the world, this is a double edged sword. On the one hand, users don’t ever want to leave because they can’t face the idea of a manual switch. On the other hand, it’s harder to lure users away from competing ecosystems because of that mindset. Ahead of the launch of the new iPhones, Apple is hoping to make the process of switching away from Android easier than ever.

The company just published a whole new section to its support pages detailing the easiest path to iOS for Android users. It includes tips and links to apps that will help you move your mail, contacts, photos, videos, music, documents and apps. Apple suggests using apps like Copy My Data or PhotoSync for moving your photos and videos from Android to iOS, and Android File Transfer for music, ebooks, and PDFs.

This is all information that you could have found elsewhere on the web long before now, but Apple has never featured this kind of information, with direct links to apps on the Google Play Store, on its website before. Google has its own vast library of support documents and forums but it doesn’t have anything as concise or user friendly as the guide Apple published today.