Google has reportedly doubled the number of apps it requires OEMs to pre-install

Android robot

Google is apparently cracking down on its OEM partners and forcing them to install more apps on Android devices before they’re shipped.

The Information got a sneak peak at some confidential Google documents detailing the search giant’s agreement with hardware partners and as far as applications are concerned, Google is tightening the reins on where and how many of its own apps it wants to see installed on Android devices before they arrive in consumers’ hands.

These documents say the number of Google apps that must be pre-installed on third-party Android devices has now jumped from nine to 20. Google is even specifying placement of some of the aforementioned apps, ensuring apps like Google Search are prominent placed.

It makes sense, given Google is in the mobile OS business to make money. Android exists to drive more users and more data to Google’s own services, so the company wants those apps to be the first thing new users see when they switch on their devices.

Still, it’s likely a pretty hard pill for OEMs to swallow, especially those that like to leverage their own third party apps as a means for differentiating themselves from the sea of other Android devices out there.

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