Square is building a cash register that can accept “any form of payment” including cash, credit, Bitcoin, and Apple Pay

Square isn’t afraid of the big, bad wolf. Though the mobile payments world is buzzing with talk of Apple Pay, Square CEO Jack Dorsey isn’t nervous. Why? Because he knows that Apple Pay and Square offer two very different services. In fact, Dorsey recently told CBC that his company is working on a cash register that will accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.

Square is most notable for its mobile card reader that attaches to your smartphone via its audio jack. However, the company has long since evolved past that simple credit card reader and now offers multiple payment services, including Square Order, Square Cash, Square Market, and Square Register, which is point-of-sale software that runs on iPad.

Soon, Square Register could be a physical point-of-sale system, though, one that accepts cash, Bitcoin and everything in between. “We’re building a register so that sellers can accept a credit card, so they can accept cash, so they can accept a cheque, so they can accept Bitcoin and so they can accept any form of payment that comes across the counter including future ones and burgeoning ones like Apple Pay,” Jack Dorsey told the CBC.

Dorsey doesn’t offer any other details on the register, like when it will be finished, when we can expect an announcement, or where it will be available when it does launch, but as the world of payments and transactions continues to evolve, it’s important that companies like Square are prepared to change and grow with the market and its changing demands.