Videotron to announce unlimited music offering


Quebec-based Videotron is poised to announce a new service that will give its wireless customers access to unlimited music. Details are currently scarce but according to its press release, which says is “a Canadian first,” Videotron will make the announcement this Thursday.

Possibly under its Illico banner, Videotron could offer streaming music that will be similar to competitors like Apple Music, Google Play Music and Spotify. Each of those services already have dedicated Canadian English and Canadian Francophone stations, so it will be interesting to see how telco will differ.

A Canadian carrier offering its customers “unlimited music”  is not exactly new. If you recall, Public Mobile, before it was sold to Telus, launched an unlimited music service called Siren. While it did not last long in market, Public bundled Siren with its top-tier plan that included unlimited talk, text and data.

The finer details of Videtron’s plans will be unveiled at 10:30am on August 27th, and the company promises that “representatives of key players in online music will be on hand to discuss the details.”

Videotron recently reported its wireless subscriber base topped 700,000 customers.