Canadian Millennials spend almost a full day using their mobile device each week: report


Millennials, those individuals in the population that are between the ages of 16 and 30, spend on average 3.2 hours a day on their mobile devices, according to a new report from TNS, one of the world’s largest research firms.

Extrapolated to a full week, this means the average Millennial spends almost a full day looking at their phone.

When it comes to Canadian millennials, usage numbers are even higher. According to the report, millennials in this country spend 46 percent of their device time watching videos and television programming. Moreover, of those that use their mobile device to watch video content a full 76 percent do so on a daily basis. That’s in contrast to what’s happening across the globe where a smaller 56 percent watch video content on a daily basis.

Canadian millennials also browse social media platforms more often than their global peers — 72 percent compared to 63 percent — and use their mobile devices for shopping more often than those in the same age demographic in the U.S. — 14 percent as opposed to to 10 percent.

TNS surveyed 60,500 individuals across 50 different countries to compile the report.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Don Harder.