Reddit prepares to release an official Android app

Reddit Android App

Thanks to the official AMA app, Android users have a great way of accessing Reddit’s best feature. But, when it comes to checking out what the rest of the social network has to offer, anyone with an Android smartphone is forced to either use a third-party app or their phone’s mobile browser.

That’s about to change.

Over the weekend, Reddit announced anyone can sign up to beta test its new Android app. Signups will be held between now and December 18th.

To sign up for the beta, you’ll need to visit this webpage and answer several questions. Not everyone who completes the survey will be invited to the beta; Reddit is looking for a disparate group of users to test out the app.

While there’s currently no definitive release date for the Android app, the company’s thread says it plans to release the new app sometime in the next month or two.

Alien Blue, the third-party app Reddit purchased and then made into its own official app, has been available on the iTunes App Store since late 2014. Based on Reddit’s post, it is not clear if the new app will simply be a Material Design re-skin of Alien Blue, or if it plans to bake in new and functionality that are not present in that app.