There’s a fast, simple, ‘.new’ way to open a fresh Google Doc

Typing doc.new, sheet.new, slide.new or form.new into your browser will open a fresh file to work on

Google Docs on iOS

Google has a new way for users to start a fresh Google Doc — just type ‘doc.new’ in your address bar.

This works for more than just Docs too — ‘sheet.new,’ ‘slide.new’ and ‘form.new’ all launch their respective Google files. Variations on those work as well, like docs.new and sheets.new.

This tiny new feature definitely isn’t the most significant addition Google has ever added to a product, but it is a welcome one.

Until now, the process of opening a new Google Doc, or similar file, had users open Google Drive, click new, and then select the file type they need.

It takes me about eight seconds to do that. Some people are slower, others faster. Internet speed is a factor as well. But all that no longer matters because it only takes the time to type doc.new now.

A savings of eight seconds may not seem like a whole lot, and it isn’t. But if you use Google files frequently, that adds up. If you open one Google Doc every day of the year, this new method will save you about 49 minutes.

Plus, it skips loading a whole webpage. Loading Google Drive is agonizing. There’s a lot of content to load, and it’s slow. If I can skip that entire process, I will. On mobile connections, that saves data too.

Overall, it’s a great tweak from Google, and I welcome it — small as it is.

Source: Wired