Apple releases new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock as AirPower remains MIA

There's still no sign of Apple's AirPower charging dock

Though Apple’s AirPower wireless Qi charging dock remains missing in action, the tech giant just listed a new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock in the Apple Store.

The charging pad is designed specifically for the Apple Watch and seems to be a replacement for the previous version of the company’s smartwatch charging stand.

Apple Watch Charger

The standard Apple Watch charger is a proprietary cable that includes a circular Qi charging pad on one end. This particular charger comes included in the smartwatch’s box. The charger attaches magnetically to the rear of the Apple Watch in order to charge it wirelessly.

Apple’s new Apple Watch Charging stand seems to be a replacement for the Apple Watch charging dock the tech giant sold back in 2015 for the Apple Watch Series 1.

The new charger takes a 5W power input and is designed to hold the smartwatch from either a flat or tilted position, allowing you to still view the wearable’s display depending on the angle you’re charging it from. Unsurprisingly, the charger is also powered by a Lightning port, which means it’s unlikely Apple plans to make the jump to USB-C when it comes to future accessories.

Apple Watch charger

While the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 feature wireless Qi charging, earlier generations of the wearable featured proprietary Apple-designed wireless charging technology.

The new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is priced at $99 CAD and is available to order now.

Via: Slashgear