Here’s what’s inside the new Poké Ball Plus – hint, it isn’t Mew

There's a substantial amount of tech packed into this tiny device

YouTuber ‘Spawn Wave’ recently got his hands on a Poké Ball Plus and decided to pull the device apart to see what is inside the tiny accessory.

Overall, the small ball weighs 60g (0.13lb) and features a 220mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery packed inside.

As the teardown progresses, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like there is a waterproof seal on the device. This means that if trainers plan to carry the ball around outside in the rain, they should be careful.

Other than the battery, there’s a small motherboard, a vibration motor, a joystick and a built-in LED and speaker.

The device’s antenna is located at the top of the red part of the ball, which is a reliable place for it since it won’t be covered by the accessories other components, according to Spawn Wave.

The last tip that he gives is that you can take the Poké Ball Plus’ massive wrist strap off to make it feel a little more authentic as you’re playing the new Pokémon Let’s Go Switch games, or when carrying it around.

Overall, this is a cool teardown and seeing what’s inside of the Poké Ball Plus is interesting, even if there isn’t a real Mew inside.

Source: YouTube