The best mobile accessories for everyone on your list [Brought to you by The Mobile Shop]

When it comes to smartphone accessories, we all have different needs.

One person’s luxury is another’s necessity. This holiday season, we connected with mobile experts from The Mobile Shop to get their take on the best mobile accessories for every personality on your gift list.

The Athlete — Always on the run (literally) with their smartphone, the athlete is always looking for unique ways to keep their phone with them during their activities — which is sometimes easier said than done. Think about the classic armband or check out training belts and water bottles that are specially customized to keep tech secure during sweaty workouts.

The Traveller — Whether they face a long daily commute or cross-country road trips, a car mount makes a perfect fit for these users as they get set for their next trek. It’s also a great way to curb distracted driving. Since the early days of smartphones, the car mount has been the perfect partner accessory to those who love to hit the road.

The Maestro — The maestro moves to their own beat. Usually found listening to their latest playlist and playing air guitar, a new set of Bluetooth headphones will allow them to enjoy their tunes at work, grocery shopping, working out, or at a dance party. If you’re not familiar with wireless headphones, these are a great low-profile option!

The Misplacer – We all know one — that friend who can never seem to find their phone or keys as they rush out the door. For this personality, there is a simple accessory to get them this holiday season — an item tracking device.  Attach Tile to their mobile device, and they’ll never have to worry about losing track of their phone or keys again.

The Tech Doctor – This is the person in your family or friend group who takes the best care of their smartphone. Their device always in excellent condition, functions well and looks brand new. How do they do that? It’s a constant battle, so durable cases and strong screen protectors are always welcomed gifts for this crew.

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