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RAW 2.0 comes to iOS, macOS, with new enhancements

The new RAW APP on iOS and macOS

iPhone users are going to be happy to hear that RAW Power 2.0 is now available on iOS and macOS with enhanced photo editing features and controls.

New features are already available on the iPhone and the iPad, and on smaller devices, the interface has been optimized to easily interact with the program. Further, the app now also supports the new Liquid Retina displays featured in Apple’s 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Both iOS and macOS will include the new ‘Chromatic Aberration,’ ‘Perspective,’ ‘Black and White,’ ‘Vignette,’ and ‘Enhance Adjustments’ for photos. Users will be able to use sliders that either lighten or darken images to add additional richness.

On iOS, RAW now supports batch processing. As a result, you’ll be able to apply presets and make any adjustments to multiple images at the same time.

This also means that you’ll only have to grant permission once to the batch of photos when making changes before saving your images. In the past, iOS would ask you for permission before making any changes to your images.

Of course, many of the enhancements on iOS are available on macOS. But on the latter operating system, the new version will allow you to browse and open images in different ways.

The Mac app allows more than the Photos extension like users will now be able to sync with their iCloud Photo library. Users will also be able to search within their library, much like a full file browser. It also has tabled windows so you’re able to browse multiple locations on your drive at once or even edit more than multiple images at once.

Operating system level RAW file support was first introduced to Apple’s mobile operating system when iOS 11 launched last September.

RAW 2.0 is available on macOS $36.99 and on iOS for $2.99.

Via: 9to5Mac