Latest Philips Hue update solves power outage, full brightness issue

Philips Hue

I’m a big fan of Philips’ ecosystem of various smart home lights.

In fact, except for my bathroom and a single light near the front door of my apartment, every bulb in my home is a Philips smart light.

Though the company’s smart lights are some of the most reliable around, there’s always been one somewhat frustrating problem with the ecosystem.

If the power happens to go out, all of Philips lights turn back on at full brightness. While power outages are typically a rarity in cities, if you happen live in a rural area where they’re a common occurrence, this can get pretty frustrating — especially if the power comes back on in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping.

Version 3.11, the latest version of Philips Hue App, solves this issue. All Philips Hue lights can be specifically configured so that the lights return to the same state they were in before the power outage. If this outage happens at night, this means that the lights will remain off when the power reconnects.

Though a simple quality-of-life change, subtle improvements like this go a long way towards making decking out your entire home in Philips Hue lights a less frustrating experience.

If version 3.11 of the Philips Hue app hasn’t made its way to your Android or iOS phone, it should soon. The Hue App is available on iOS and Android.

Via: 9to5Mac 


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