A Reddit user built a third-party web player for Apple Music

Since Apple hasn't built a web client for Apple Music, users are taking the project into their own hands

Reddit user NaveedGol has created an unofficial web player for Apple Music called playapplemsuic.com so anyone with a web browser can use Apple Music.

The web player doesn’t have all of the same features as the traditional Apple Music interface, but it’s quite close. The website is even responsive, so it shrinks down to work on tablets and phones.

Once users sign in via a button in the bottom left-hand corner, they can play music from their library, browse new music, listen to playlists and more. The main missing component is Apple Music Radio.

Anyone with an Apple ID can log into the web app, but only Apple Music subscribers can explore the full app and play tunes.

I built an Apple Music web player to use Apple Music on Linux from r/linux

Playing a song works precisely as you’d expect. Select a song and it begins to play. Then, along the bottom of the screen there are options for play/pause, skip forward and back, volume and access to your song queue. Notably, you can’t rearrange songs in the queue like in iTunes or the Apple Music App, according to MacRumors.

There is also a gear icon that lets users change the music quality and log out.

In the comments section of the Reddit post, users are recommending that the developer add features like ‘Now playing’ notifications, or a Windows Store app so it can work on Xbox. Although, most users are suggesting that the developer change the name of the app to avoid any copyright altercations with Apple.

Source: Reddit Via: MacRumors