Sidewalk Labs, Waterfront Toronto may strike Quayside development deal

It looks like Toronto is still going to be the home of the smart city

Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs has reportedly struck a deal with Waterfront Toronto to develop its original 12-acres of Quayside Toronto and place all the data it records under control of the city.

Plans to build the smart neighbourhood in Toronto were progressing well but hit a snag when Google’s sister company released its Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) this summer.

The plan from the summer stated that Sidewalk Labs wanted to develop more than it’s original allocated 12-acres and develop an independent ‘Urban Data Trust,’ according to a report from The Logic. 

Now, The Logic says that the city will own the data collected through the project and will treat it as a public asset. Sidewalk Labs will be considered a vendor without proprietary access and be treated like other businesses that want access to the data.

The report mentions that the two parties have until October 31st to agree on a plan, but it seems like they’re going to make a deal tomorrow. Since the deal is reportedly being reached, the two groups have until March of 2020 to create a full development plan or agree to extend their partnership even further.

Source: The Logic Via: Financial Post