Vidéotron launches new ‘Zen’ plans with 100GB of bonus data

You can use up to 20GB of the 100GB bonus each month and it resets annually

Videtron Zen plan

Regional carrier Vidéotron has launched new ‘Zen’ plans that offer a bonus of 100GB of data per year.

The new plans range from 6GB per month to 12GB per month, and each includes the 100GB bonus. Zen customers use monthly data first. Once they go over, data deducts from the 100GB bonus.

Customers can enjoy up to an additional 20GB of data each month from the bonus (Vidéotron doesn’t let customers burn through all 100GB in a single month). If you need more data beyond the month amount plus the 20GB of your 100GB total bonus, Vidéotron says you should purchase a data add-on.

The 100GB bonus is included free of charge with all Zen plans and refreshes annually on the day you subscribed. Below is a full list of the Zen plan options and bring your own device (BYOD) prices:

  • $60 6GB
  • $63 7GB
  • $66 8GB
  • $68 9GB
  • $75 10GB
  • $85 12GB

Additionally, each Zen plan includes unlimited calling and texting in Canada, call waiting and conference calling, an option to add a Daily Traveller Pass, access to the Stingray Music app and Club Illico for mobile. Additionally, the Vidéotron website says that customers can pick two free features from the following: call display, call forwarding or voicemail. Zen plans are also eligible for Vidéotron’s $5 multiservice discount.

Those interested in getting a phone can do so as well, but plan prices increase accordingly.

Zen plans are available to both new and existing customers.

To learn more about Vidéotron’s Zen plans, head over to the carrier’s website. You can also check out this FAQ page to learn some of the smaller details of the plans.