Telus Health expands its digital remote solution to virtually monitor lung transplant patients

The digital solution provides medical support remotely as patients recover in their homes

Telus Health has expanded its Home Health Monitoring (HHM) solution to digitally monitor the recovery of lung transplant patients in Saskatchewan.

The solution was launched in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and eHealth Saskatchewan. It enables a virtual healthcare team to provide medical support remotely as patients recover in their homes.

The digital health dashboard can be accessed through a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. It sends daily prompts to patients to report their biometrics, such as blood pressure and overall health.

“Enabling clinicians to remotely observe individuals who have just undergone a transplant surgery and are recovering in the comfort of their own home allows for optimal patient recovery and strengthens efforts to keep both patients and clinicians safe during the pandemic,” said Luc Vilandré, the president of Telus Health in a press release.

Telus Health notes that it is working on expanding the use of the solution to also remotely monitor patients with heart conditions and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Source: Telus