WhatsApp beta tests new chat bubble colours in dark mode

It's possible the new colours could help improve readability in dark mode

WhatsApp iOS

WhatsApp hasn’t had a dark mode for too long now, but it looks like the popular chat app could adjust how it looks in a future update.

Spotted by WABetaInfo, a new beta version of WhatsApp for iOS contains some subtle changes to the colours used in dark mode. Currently, WhatsApp’s chat bubbles remain the same colour when users switch from light mode to dark mode. Messages you send are a light green while the messages you receive are a shade of white.

The WhatsApp beta reportedly keeps the same green and white bubbles, but the shades change to a gentler, lighter hue.

TechRadar notes that WhatsApp hasn’t said anything official about the change, so it remains unclear why it’s adjusting the bubble colours in dark mode. The most likely explanation is readability — several other apps that offer dark modes also change colours to make text easier to read.

Another possibility is that WhatsApp plans to add more colours. That change could result in users having access to a variety of themes for their messages to go along with the existing wallpaper options.

Unfortunately, just because the change appeared in the beta doesn’t mean it’ll reach end-users any time soon, if at all. Companies often test changes and features in pre-release software. If WhatsApp decides the change doesn’t work, it could very well remove it in a future update. It remains to be seen what happens with the new colours and if WhatsApp adds more, or if the change is purely for improved legibility.

Source: WABetaInfo Via: TechRadar