Cuphead and Arby’s are now teaming up with new toys

Cuphead drinking out of another cup seems like a form of cannibalism

Cuphead Arby's

Cuphead and Arby’s are teaming up with new toys.

Now, with the purchase of a Kids Meal, you’ll get all-new Cuphead collectable tokens and papercraft toys. Kids can find these toys across 85 of Arby’s Canada locations.

These meals include one of eight limited-edition toys, including Cuphead, Mugman, Ms. Chalice, Elder Kettle and more. Each meal also includes a special edition Cuphead face filter, which can be activated with the Arby’s Cuphead app.

Cuphead is a highly-acclaimed ‘run-and-gun’ video game with an old-timey art style developed by Canadian studio MDHR.

The game features impressive original art, three hours of original jazz, and has sold more than six million units worldwide.

Additionally, Cuphead will soon hit the small screen with The Cuphead Show!, a Netflix animated series set for release in 2021.

Source: Arby’s, Studio MHDR