Toronto-based Nymi launches workplace wearable wristband

The band is designed to provide a secure way for employees to go back to work

Toronto-based tech company Nymi is launching a smart wristband to ensure the health and safety of connected workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s Nymi Band Version 3.0 workplace wearable wristband is now available and is designed to enable industries to incorporate Nymi’s password-less technology with applications that ensure the health and security of workers.

“The Nymi Band ensures zero-trust security principles and access control using fingerprint and heartbeat biometrics enabling a range of use cases that includes COVID-19 social distancing and contact tracing among others,” Nymi noted in a press release.

Further, the band secures an individual’s identity by using their unique fingerprint and heart rhythm to bind the user to the band.

It also uses On-Body Detection (OBD) to ensure that the band is always on the intended user and the user is actually there. The band uses cryptography to mathematically prove the user’s identity to the network.

“With Nymi, you get a safer, more productive and more secure way to come back to work,” said Nymi CEO Chris Sullivan in the press release.

Nymi notes that the wearable works underneath uniforms or personal protective equipment (PPE). The band also has location sensing that determines the proximity to other Nymi bands and alerts users to follow physical distancing measures.

Image credit: Nymi

Source: Nymi