Koodo’s $50/9GB and $55/11GB plans are leaving on September 30

Fido's similar plans are ending on the same date

For the past few months, Koodo has been offering some pretty stellar deals, but it plans to drop them on September 30th.

The best two plans are the $50 for 9GB and $55 for 11GB. If you want even more data, there’s also a $60/13GB plan, and the top of the line plan is $75 for 15GB of data. These are all ‘bring your own device’ prices.

The high-end plans might not be as good as the $75 unlimited plans that are offered by the big three carriers, but the cheaper $50 plans are stellar deals.

If you want to get one of these plans with a new phone, you’ll either pay an extra $10 to $34 per month depending on the phone you want.

Virgin Mobile and Fido are also still offering similar plans. As of now, Fido is also cancelling its bonus data on September 30th.

Source: Koodo, Fido, Virgin