Google Nest Audio, Chromecast with Google TV devices leak online

Someone spotted the Nest Audio at a U.S. Walmart while another person posted a video of the Chromecast on Reddit

In true Google fashion, a variety of product leaks have cropped up ahead of the company’s September 30th ‘Launch Night In’ event. First, a series of Pixel 5 and 4a 5G leaks detailed just about everything there is to know about the new Made by Google phones and a new leak revealed a green colour for the Pixel 5 alongside other upcoming Google products, the ‘Nest Audio’ and ‘Chromecast with Google TV.’

However, there are more leaks. To start, 9to5Google spotted a tweet from Twitter user Marcos Frausto with pictures of the new Google Nest smart speaker. Dubbed the ‘Nest Audio,’ Frausto saw it on a shelf at Walmart. Unfortunately, there was no price tag included, but a subsequent Lowes leak spotted by WinFuture‘s Roland Quandt confirmed a $99.99 USD (roughly $133.69 CAD) price. Further, the Lowes leak included product renders of the new Nest Audio speaker around other household items.

Back to the Walmart images, we can see the box for the Nest Audio, which looks like typical Google Nest smart home product packaging. The bottom-right corner of the box shows ‘Hey Google’ branding while the side lists different commands and features people can use. 9to5Google also notes the speaker measures 6.89 x 4.88 x 3.07 inches.

Considering Google will likely officially unveil the new Nest Audio speaker at its upcoming event, seeing all these retailer leaks suggest customers will be able to purchase the speaker on or shortly after September 30th.

Along with the Nest Audio, Android Police spotted a leak of the packaging for the Chromecast with Google TV device on Reddit. The Chromecast with Google TV appears to be the oft-leaked ‘Sabrina‘ device from earlier this year. The packaging notes that there is a ‘Google Chromecast’ and ‘Google Chromecast Voice Remote’ inside, with the latter powered by AAA batteries.

(sound off) new chromecast? from r/googlehome

The ‘Google TV’ part is especially interesting considering a rumour from earlier this year suggested Google would rebrand Android TV to Google TV. That’s not to be confused with the precursor to Android TV, also called Google TV, that the search giant discontinued in 2014.

The Chromecast with Google TV is expected to cost $49.99 USD (roughly $66.84 CAD) and offer 4K and HDR support as well as a low-latency ‘gaming mode’ for use with Stadia.

With the Google event less than a week away, it won’t be long before we learn all the details of Google’s new products.

Source: Marcos Frausto, Roland Quandt, Reddit — u/jsterninja Via: 9to5Google, Android Police