Nintendo’s OLED Switch includes a screen protector that you shouldn’t remove

"Do not peel off the anti-scattering adhesive film from the OLED screen of the console"

Switch OLED model

Nintendo’s OLED Switch model includes a built-in screen protector.

When I opened up the OLED Switch model review unit Nintendo sent me, I don’t recall encountering any sort of screen protector, but according to The Verge, Nintendo has stuck an “anti-scattering adhesive film” to the front of the handheld’s display.

“Do not peel off the anti-scattering adhesive film from the OLED screen of the console,” says the company in the OLED Switch’s manual.

As far as I can recall, I didn’t remove anything from the OLED Switch’s screen, leading me to believe that this screen protector is extremely hard to see.

Nintendo’s original Switch and Switch Lite don’t need this sort of protector because the displays are made of plastic. The screen protector featured on the OLED Switch is typically used to prevent glass from breaking into shards if it gets damaged while also offering protection from scratches.

Unlike the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold, it doesn’t sound like removing this protector will break the OLED Switch’s display, but given it isn’t noticeable, there should be no reason to remove it.

Of course, I went ahead and applied a MoKo glass protector for the OLED on the Switch that I found on Amazon because this is what I always do whenever I get a new portable tech device that includes a display. Nintendo also sells a first-party display protector for the OLED Switch for $20 that’s sold alongside a carrying case.

That said, the protector doesn’t seem to be glass, which is rarely a good thing for screen adhesives.

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Via: The Verge