Samsung brings its web browser to the Galaxy Watch 4

The browser is reportedly optimized for your wrist

When I reviewed the Galaxy Watch 4, I had a great experience with the smartwatch, but apparently, it was missing a web browser (I didn’t even notice). Now, Samsung has rectified this issue and brought its web browser to the wearable.

This feature was initially available with Samsung’s Tizen watches, but with the move to Google’s Wear OS, Samsung’s browser originally wasn’t available with the Galaxy Watch 4. As you may have already assumed, the Wear OS version of Samsung’s Internet app features a browser that lets users access webpages directly from their wrist.

When you first use the wearable browser, you’ll see a guide that shows how the app is optimized for your wrist. For example, a diagonal swipe from either side of the screen allows users to see the corners of a webpage, a swipe up reveals bookmarks, “Zoom mode,” and a shortcut to send webpages to your phone.

The browser’s opening page also shows a list of Samsung Internet bookmarks synced with your smartphone.

While having a browser on your wrist might be helpful occasionally, the app also looks a little clunky. With that in mind, I don’t think any smartwatch really needs a dedicated web browser, especially when you can just ask Bixby questions with the Galaxy Watch 4.

Source: 9to5Google