What’s your favourite game that you’ve played on an Xbox console?

It doesn't have to be an Xbox exclusive -- give us your fond memories of games you've played on Xbox

Xbox Series X

November 15th marks the 20th-anniversary of the original Xbox’s release, and in celebration of the occasion, for this week’s community question, we want to know your favourite game is that you’ve played on an Xbox console.

We’re not looking for your top OG Xbox title, specifically, but rather the game you had the most fun playing on any Xbox system over the past 20 years.

Below are our team’s answers:

  • Brad Shankar: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Patrick O’Rourke: Halo 2
  • Jon Lamont: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
  • Brad Bennett: Halo: Reach
  • Dean Daley: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Karan Oberoi is a hardcore PlayStation loyalist and has apparently not played a game on an Xbox platform (we’re not sure how that’s possible).

While I selected Skyrim, I could have easily gone with Kingdoms of Amalur, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fable 2 or Fable 3.

In the comments below, let us know your favourite game you’ve played on an Xbox console.