Samsung Canada ranks in the top 3 most reputable companies in Canada

2022 marks the ninth year in a row Samsung has made the Top 10 list.

Samsung Canada is the third-most reputable company in Canada, according to a recent study. Leger’s Corporate Reputation study concluded Samsung’s ranking by asking 38,000 Canadians to share their input.

More than 285 companies across 30 sectors took part in Leger’s study. In the final standing, Samsung Canada ranked number three. This marks the ninth year in a row that the company has landed on the Top 10 list. However, Samsung’s current placement sees a four-place increase when compared to 2021.

“Samsung is proud to be ranked the third most reputable company in Canada as its a testament to the focus we’ve placed on earning and maintaining the trust of Canadians,” said Jihoon Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Canada. “Canadians are utilizing our technology to enrich and enhance their daily experiences and it’s a relationship that we hold in the highest regard. We’re committed to continuing to build positive perceptions with Canadians through an emphasis on cutting-edge innovation, sustainability and best-in-class service.”

Leger’s Corporate Reputation study looks at six core pillars of a company. These include financial strength, social responsibility, honesty and transparency, quality, attachment, and innovation.

Samsung Canada gained a Reputation Score of 72, narrowly beating Samsung are Shoppers Drug Mart and Sony, both of which received a Reputation Score of 73. The maximum score Leger doles out is 100.

Following Samsung Canada, the Top 10 list is rounded out by Canadian Tire, Interact, Google, Campbell, Microsoft, A&W, and finally, Netflix. The final three companies received a score of 69.

It’s worth noting that this year’s study indicates the overall reputation scores have dropped. The hardest-hit sectors include breweries, drugstores, hospitality and bookstores. On the other hand, the industrial sector experienced the largest growth in reputation this year.

Source: Samsung Canada