Users report Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 finally getting ECG update in Canada [Update]

A month after the planned release, users are finally receiving the ECG update

Update: April 20th: Samsung has now officially announced that the update is now live.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 seems to be getting an update that many Canadians have been looking forward to.

A new update that hit one of our Canadian reader’s wearable indicates that the Galaxy Watch 4 finally features blood-pressure and ECG monitoring in Canada. The update is available with Galaxy smartphones running Android 7.0 or later.

Back in February, Samsung made a blog post about the Galaxy Watch 4 getting ECG in Canada, but users say the update didn’t hit their devices in March like was scheduled to.

Now, many have turned to Twitter and the Samsung’s community forums, commenting that the update has finally arrived.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 always could monitor ECG, but without Canadian regulator clearance, the feature wasn’t accessible.

Source: @Da_Ali_G_Show, Samsung Community