WhatsApp now finally supports emoji reactions

At long last, emoji reactions are supported by WhatsApp, albeit in a limited fashion

WhatsApp emoji reactions are finally here. The Meta-owned company has confirmed that emoji reactions are available on iOS and Android.

One common request from WhatsApp users has been emoji reactions. Previously, to react to a message with an emoji, you’d need to send them as an individual message. Moving forward, WhatsApp allows users to select a message and react with one of six emojis.

WhatsApp limits the number of available emoji reactions currently. Of the selection, users can choose from thumbs up, heart, laughing face, teardrop face, shocked, and the praying hand symbol. However, Head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart confirms that “all emojis and skin tones” are coming.

Emoji reactions are commonplace on social media and messaging platforms. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram all support emoji reactions. Competing platforms such as Slack and Discord also offer a full range of emoji reaction support.

In a series of follow-up tweets, Cathcart allows confirms that the company aims to increase the max file size to 2GB for sharing. This is a drastic step up from the current 100mb. Additionally, WhatsApp will soon support up to 32-person conference calls. Cathcart claims these calls can “start with just one tap.”

Concluding the thread, Cathcart discusses the importance of end-to-end encryption and how the company’s privacy security measures can help Communities. This new feature launches later this year.

Emoji reaction support is another step in WhatsApp having a level experience across all of Meta’s apps.

Image credit: WhatsApp

Source: @wcathcart Via: The Verge