Alleged iPhone 14 Pro renders reveal pilled-shaped selfie shooter and massive camera bump

Check out that pill-shaped front-facing camera 🔥

iPhone 14 Pro render

Jon Prosser is back at it again, this time with new iPhone 14 Pro renders based on recent leaks surrounding Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

In the sometimes-reliable Prosser’s latest YouTube video on ‘Front Page Tech,’ he outlines the iPhone 14 Pro’s substantial camera bump and the front-facing pill-shaped camera sensor. Past leaks have indicated that these are the two most notable changes coming to Apple’s high-end iPhones this year in terms of design.

Check out the renders below up Front Page Tech:

The iPhone 14 Pro concept design also reveals slimmer bezels and the smartphone’s rumoured 48-megapixel camera system that features a 57 percent larger sensor than the iPhone 13 Pro. The smartphone’s corners also seem to be slightly more curved than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, leading to an overall smoother design.

The renders also show off the iPhone 14 Pro’s rumoured Purple colour, along with Graphite, Silver and Gold. Like the YouTuber’s past leaked-based renders, Prosser worked with concept graphic designer Ian Zelbo on these designs.

iPhone 14

While Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro devices will feature the new front-facing pill-shaped camera, rumours point to the iPhone 14 sticking with the familiar notch design. As always, it’s important to point out that these are just renders based on leaks and that the final version of the iPhone 14 Pro might be vastly different.

Prosser recently stated that Apple plans to revamp the Apple Watch significantly with this year’s Series 8. The YouTuber made a similar prediction last year, but the redesign didn’t happen. Apple is expected to reveal a new version of the Apple Watch SE, a more durable Apple Watch ‘Explorer Edition’ and the Series 8 this year.

Image credit: Front Page Tech (YouTube), @ianzelbo

Source: Front Page Tech (YouTube), @ianzelbo Via: MacRumors