iPhones accounted for eight of the best-selling smartphones in 2022: study

The iPhone 13 was the best selling smartphone of the year

Apple’s iPhone sales in 2022 were extremely strong.

They were so good the company was able to capture eight of the ten spots in Counterpoint Research’s Global Monthly Handset Model Sales Tracker.

Apple has been the only brand to achieve this.

The iPhone 13 was the most-sold smartphone of the year, according to the analysis, making up 28 percent of all iPhone sales. It reigned as the best-selling handset in China, U.S., U.K., Germany, and France.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was the second best-selling device. Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max was third, followed by a break to award the Samsung Galaxy A13 as the fourth best-selling device.

“The iPhone 14 Pro Max sales were led by early adopters and those upgrading to a higher iPhone variant,” the analysis found.

“Major advancements in the iPhone 14 Pro series, such as dynamic island and faster processor, make it more attractive, as the base model is almost identical to the previous year’s model.”

The oldest device to make the top 10 was the iPhone 12, with the sixth-highest smartphone sales. The analysis notes price cuts due to new iPhone launches and its 5G capability played a role in its popularity.

The Samsung Galaxy A03 also made the list, marking its place as the 10th best-selling smartphone in 2022.

Source: Counterpoint Research