Here’s where The Last of Us star Troy Baker says you should eat in Calgary

"You guys have an incredible food scene"

The Last of Us You Gotta Eat Here

A few months ago, The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal told us that Canmore was his favourite place in Alberta, specifically citing its “really great fudge.”

Now, we’ve learned where Troy Baker, the man who originated the role of Joel in The Last of Us game, likes to eat in the province.

Speaking to Daily Hive, Baker, who plays a villain named James in the TV adaptation’s eighth episode, was asked about his favourite food spot in Calgary. Although he notes that he “spent a lot of time in downtown Calgary,” he says much of that was dedicated to the Charcut Roast House.

“I got to know the staff. I’m a guy who likes the Cheers factor. So, wherever I go if someone knows my name I’m going to spend a lot of time with those people,” Baker added.

He went on to praise the city’s “incredible food scene” and mutual love of wine. “So spending a month there, I got to know the town really, really well.” Baker’s character serves as the right-hand man of David (Scott Shepherd), the leader of a group of survivors that has a run-in with Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in the woods.

On that note, Baker also spoke to Daily Hive about the cold but “beautiful” landscapes of the province. Many of his scenes took place outdoors in the Waterton Park area.

Notably, Baker’s The Last of Us co-star, Ashley Johnson (the original Ellie before Bella Ramsey), will also play a different role in the series. Specifically, Johnson will appear in this season’s ninth and final episode, March 12th’s “Look for the Light,” as Ellie’s mother, Anna. It remains to be seen what she might say about her own experiences in Alberta.

What we do know, though, is how much the cast and crew as a whole have loved the province. Jeffrey Pierce, who played Tomy in the games and Perry in the show, told MobileSyrup his time in Calgary was “maybe my favourite experience filming ever,” while production designer John Paino has said he was “shocked” at how “clean” Alberta was compared to the U.S.

The Last of Us is now streaming exclusively on Crave in Canada.

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Source: Daily Hive