Netflix’s Love is Blind contestant wants to name baby after Elden Ring boss

This is the reality TV-Elden Ring crossover of your dreams


During a recent episode of Netflix’s reality TV show Love is Blind, a contestant suggested he’d like to name his future kids “Godfrey” or “Godrick,” outing himself as a big Elden Ring fan.

On Love is Blind, contestants have a short period of time to fall in love without seeing their future partner. If this sounds like a silly gimmick that often makes for boring reality TV, you’re on the right track. Despite this, Love is Blind remains one of Netflix’s most popular reality TV shows.

In this particular episode, the couple in question, Irina Solomonova and Zack Goytowski, have recently gotten engaged. They’re sitting on a beach, enjoying a dinner date, when Goytowski brings up what they could name their children, just after stating that Solomonova looks “kind of like Megan Fox.”

Then, out of nowhere, Goytowski suggests “Godfrey” and “Godrick” as possible names for their fictional offspring. In his defence, her name options aren’t much better and include “Zion” and “Gideon.” For a complete look at this important reality TV-Elden Ring crossover moment, check out the clip below:

For those who are unaware, Godfrey, The First Elden Lord, and Godrick the Grafted are two of Elden Ring‘s most challenging bosses. Godfrey is a late-game boss you need to take down to push the Elden Ring‘s story forward.

For the record, while reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine, I’ve never been able to enjoy Netflix’s take on the genre. It always feels like it’s trying too hard and full producer-pushed plot lines. Yes, I know all reality TV is fake, but at least most TV shows (Vanderpump Rules, for example) take a page out of the WWE’s book and practice kayfabe.

Image credit: FromSoftware