iPhones on Rogers or Bell get 5G+ icon with iOS 16.4

Rogers and Bell are using 5G+ branding for their 3500MHz spectrum

iPhone 14 Pro

Apple dropped iOS 16.4 on March 27th, and among other things, the update brought a new 5G+ icon to iPhones on the Rogers and Bell networks.

As highlighted on Reddit, iPhones on iOS 16.4 will show a 5G+ icon next to the cell signal indicator in the status bar. In the Control Center, it also lists the carrier name (though this isn’t new behaviour).

The new icon is in line with branding introduced by Bell and Rogers last year when the carriers started rolling out 5G networks based on 3500MHz spectrum.

5G+ icon on an iPhone | Image credit: Distinct_Display

Bell started rolling out 3500MHz spectrum under 5G+ branding in Ontario in June 2022 and later expanded it into Atlantic Canada. Similarly, Rogers launched 3500MHz 5G in several cities in June but didn’t add 5G+ branding until October.

It’s worth noting that Telus also offers 5G running on the 3500MHz spectrum, but comments on Reddit indicate a 5G+ icon isn’t showing up on iPhones just yet.

Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind that the symbol on your phone doesn’t always match up with the network you’re connected to. For example, in 2021, I tested an app from Opensignal that lets users view carriers’ 5G coverage, and according to the app, my phone was connected to Bell’s 4G network at the time, despite claiming it was on 5G.

You can learn more about connecting to 3500MHz 5G here.

Source: Reddit ‘Distinct_Display’ Via: iPhone in Canada