Canada’s new wireless player uses blockchain technology, and it wants locals to help run its network

CEO Samer Bishay hopes Karrier One changes the telecom industry like Uber changed the taxi industry

Some Canadians will soon be able to access a new wireless network option with costs starting at $9/month.

Karrier One’s decentralized network uses blockchain technology to connect to 5G or 4G LTE networks, depending on availability.

The network is user-owned and lets Canadians act as Mobile Independent Network Operators (MINOs). Operators will create hotspots to spread connectivity across Canada through the use of Gateways (professional radio equipment and nodes) purchased from the company. Operators will receive utility tokens depending on how often their hotspots are used, which will reduce their wireless costs. Crypto-tokens will be one way the company pays its operators.

Through the use of blockchain technology and its decentralized nature, “outages will be a thing of the past,” the company said in a press release. Iristel CEO, Samer Bishay, is serving as Karrier One’s CEO. “Our goal is to decentralize wireless infrastructure and democratize mobile network access by creating a new type of telecommunications layer,” he said.

Karrier One says its services will lead to lower costs for Canadians, as it’s not working as traditional service providers.

“As blockchain expands throughout the telecom world, wireless customers, particularly those in Canada, should experience better services at lower prices as blockchain technology breaks down monopoly barriers and unjustified higher premiums currently made possible in Canada by a lack of competition,” Bishay, the company’s co-founder, said.

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The $9/month plan is the only option available on Karrier One’s website. It offers 250MB of roaming data and nationwide coverage through the use of an e-SIM.

The service will only be available in certain communities at this time, but the company says it will build out its network in phases over the next three years, with plans to expand into the U.S. and Kenya as well.

Parties interested in serving as an operator can reserve their spot on the company’s website through a $140 deposit.


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Source: Karrier One