Koodo offering some customers $45, $55 plans with 30GB of data [Update]

The offer comes just after the provider killed its $65/30GB plan


Update 04/06/2023: It seems that $45/30GB isn’t the only special offer on the table. A MobileSyrup reader let us know that they received a text from Koodo offering a 30GB plan for $55 per month to replace their current $50/12GB plan.

Though not as good as the $45/30GB offer below, it does seem like Koodo is contacting existing customers with deals, perhaps to entice them to spend a little more or stick with Koodo for a while.

The originals story is below:

Some lucky Koodo customers received an offer of $45/mo for 30GB.

According to a thread on RedFlagDeals (RFD) spotted by iPhone in Canada, Koodo texted customers with two offers: $40/mo for 6GB or $45/mo for 30GB. One of the deals is a clear winner, especially when you consider the Koodo website currently lists a $45/mo 6GB promo plan.

As with most things like this, your mileage may vary. If you weren’t lucky enough to get the text, you probably wouldn’t be able to get the $45/30GB plan.

Koodo message offering $45/30GB plan | Image credit: RFD user Seagull21

For those that do get the message, it seems there’s a time limit on the offer. The RFD user who posted their message has until May 3rd, 2023, to claim the offer — it’s not clear if the same debate will apply to all or if it will vary based on when customers receive the message.

To claim the offer, customers can reply “MORE” or head to Koodo’s Self Serve site and check their available offers.

As far as deals go, $45/30GB is pretty good. It’s not quite at Black Friday levels ($45/50GB), but it’s a lot better than the $65/30GB deal that Koodo just ended.

Source: RFD Via: iPhone in Canada