Travelers Canada releases results of distracted driving risk survey

Observing other drivers and hands-free devices remain the top distraction

Travelers Canada

The 2023 Travelers Canada Distracted Driving Risk Survey results have been released by Travelers Canada, revealing data about distracted driving in the country.

A major survey result showed that Canadians often engage in risky behaviours behind the wheel despite recognizing the associated risks. Nearly one-quarter of respondents acknowledged that multitasking while driving was dangerous but did so anyway.

Paul Stone, the vice president of personal insurance, sales, distribution and marketing for Travelers Canada, said that distracted driving behaviour includes everything from texting, checking emails and driving while under emotional strain, all of which can lead to accidents.

The survey also showed that instances of distracted driving crashes are increasing, with 30 percent of drivers saying they have been involved in an accident due to their own distractions. That’s a 50 percent increase from last year.

The biggest causes of distracted driving remain: observing the behaviours of other drivers, talking on a phone (hands-free) and focusing on traffic, with 78, 63 and 62 percent accounting for each, respectively.

However, the survey did take the opportunity to ask respondents what it would take for them to be less likely to use a device while driving, with 90 percent answering “if a passenger asked them to stop.”

For more information about the survey, visit TravelersCanada.ca.