What’s new on CBC Gem in May 2023

Exclusive Canadian premieres for the month include Animal Control, Everything You Love, The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor and more

CBC has unveiled the full list of movies and shows hitting its CBC Gem streaming service in May.

Below is all the content set to hit the platform:

May 1st

  • Fiddler’s Journey to the Big Screen (1×88, Documentary, directed by Daniel Raim, USA)Hidden Letters (1×86, Documentary, directed by Violet Du Feng, China/USA/Germany/Norway)
  • House Special (5×22, Docu-series, Black Rhino Creative, Canada)
  • On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi (1×40, Documentary, directed by Brandon Gross and Skyler Gross, Canada)
  • Ravi Patel’s Pursuit of Happiness (4×60, Docuseries, CNN, USA)

May 3rd

  • Lucky Grandma (1×87, Drama/Comedy, directed by Sasie Sealy, USA)
  • The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor (5×45, Docuseries, 72 Films, UK)

May 5th

  • Harlots Season 1 (8×60, Drama, Monumental Pictures, UK)
  • Malcolm is Missing (88 mins, documentary Channel original, directed by Robert and Jari Osbourne, Canada)

May 10th

  • Love, Leymo (12mins, directed by Randall Okita, Canada)

May 12th

  • Animal Control (12×30, Comedy, Fox Entertainment, USA)

May 17th

  • Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry on (20×30, Lifestyle, A Fresh One Production, UK)

May 19th

  • Everything You Love (7×25, Drama, The Oslo Company, Norway)
  • Tulipani: Love, Honour & a Bicycle (1×90, Comedy/Drama, directed by Mike van Diem, The Netherlands/ Italy/Canada)

May 26th

  • Colin & Justin’s Hotel From Hell (4×60, Lifestyle, Ricochet Television, UK)

May 29th

  • digi-ART (6×15, CBC Arts, Docuseries)

CBC Gem is free with ads, while an ad-free ‘Premium’ subscription is available for $4.99/month.

Additionally, CBC has also teased what’s coming to Gem in June:

  • Casa Susanna
  • Dear Flora (Pour Toi Flora)
  • Love Me Season 2
  • Marie Antoinette

Image credit: CBC