XBMC 12 Beta released for Android, graduates from nightly status

XBMC 12 (Xbox Media Centre), the next version of the wildly popular media centre, has reached beta 2 and with it comes the first relatively stable Android APK. The software already supports Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi, but Android is a huge addition, potentially catering to millions of users. Previously it had been available as a nightly for Android.

Since many modern Android phones and tablets come with HDMI out, or a MHL equivalent, the potential for creating an easy-to-set-up on-the-go media centre has been gaining traction. Because it is open-source, skinnable and highly customizable, XBMC has become the de facto media streaming app, for multiple platforms, over the past nine years. It’s also capable of playing most audio and video formats, and it’s arrival on Android should bode well for its future on mobile.

While there are some bugs to be worked out, including incompatibility with Android 4.2 and issues with older hardware, the former is being actively worked on.

Check out XBMC for Android Beta.

Via: Engadget