Facebook for Android goes native, gets speed bump and some new features

Facebook for Android has been updated to version 2.0, bringing huge speed improvements and feature parity with its iPhone counterpart.

The company has long promised a “native” app, one built using Android’s native codebase as opposed to relying on a HTML5 “webview”, but it wasn’t known how long it would take to get here. Facebook has been pushing its employees recently to switch to America’s most popular mobile OS in order to dogfood — a term for testing early versions of apps — the new code.

While the app itself doesn’t look very different to its HTML5 counterpart, Facebook promises twice the speed when scrolling through the news feed, loading timelines and browsing photos. Like on iOS, Facebook for Android now shows a banner at the top of the screen when the news feed is updated in real time.

iOS still seems to be the company’s mobile OS of choice, putting out new products and updates first, but Android is quickly being acknowledged in Silicon Valley as the powerhouse that it is.

Download Facebook 2.0 for Android.

Source: Facebook app link
Via: The Verge